Telescope Mirror Making Kits - We sell complete kits for grinding and polishing high quality telescope mirrors.

TelescopeMirrorKits.com provides telescope makers with the most complete telescope mirror making kits available anywhere on the web. When you buy a mirror kit from TelescopeMirrorKits.com, you get TWO glass blanks - one for your telescope mirror, and the other for your grinding tool - no more hassle making a grinding tool from ceramic tiles. Some mirror makers who purchase from us use the grinding tool blank to make a second telescope mirror instead of as a tool, which is fine since our mirror blanks and tools are the identical glass, and size. Both blanks are annealed 3/4" plate and are TESTED to make sure there is no internal stress (click here to see test). Kits also include all mirror grinding abrasives, TWO TYPES of mirror polishing compounds: cerium oxide to get your mirror polished fast, and to finish, slow-acting red rouge - the time-tested favorite used by the best mirror makers throughout history. This slow-acting polish allows you to "creep up" on that perfect figure while providing the smoothest final optical surface attainable. Kits also include your choice of polishing pitch. We are telescope makers ourselves, and go the extra mile to provide you the most complete telescope mirror grinding kits available anywhere, at absurdly affordable prices. We've made ordering easy with one-click payment buttons below, so go ahead and order your telescope mirror kit today!

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Hi Guys and Gals - We are (perhaps temporarily) getting away from selling mirror kits - just too much space required to keep all the abrasives separate and pure - we may jump back in at some point... we will keep the site up till we decide for sure - in the meantime, we wish you clear skies!

Interested in buying telescope mirror blanks without buying a kit?

Plate glass?

As Sky and Telescope Magazine reports, there is no difference in optical quality between a telescope mirror made of plate glass and one made of Pyrex - and plate glass is far more affordable. Read Sky and Telescope's article regarding Pyrex vs. Plate here